My journey at Backbase. Arthur Alves

11 Months at Backbase and my Journey in Amsterdam so far…

Hi, my name is Arthur Alves and I am a Mobile Developer at Backbase. After leaving Brazil and spending more than 5 years in Romania, I’ve decided to embrace a new challenge and move to Amsterdam, and here is where Backbase kicks in and my journey begins. 

Tighten your seatbelts.

Why Amsterdam?

1)The Netherlands is a promising place for an expat in the tech industry; 2)everything is connected within the country and you are able to access every point  in Europe within a few hours only and at considerable prices;3)Amsterdam and the surrounding areas have plenty of diversity without losing their identity, which makes it much interesting to explore and enough to fill in your time all week-long, so this choice was anything but difficult.

The icing on the cake to make the moving concrete came from Backbase. Ever since applying for the iOS Developer position in RnD department, I’ve seen extreme professionalism, flexibility and eager to make my choice final - from the first reply, through each interview step, feedback, visa support and relocation assistance. 


Life at Backbase

I came at a time when we started to strength the mobile forces in the RnD department, one outcome of the mobile-first mentality we started to take seriously. After a couple of trainings, I’ve had my fair share of challenges in the first month, kick-starting a new team - which we proudly named Valhalla - and creating from scratch a set of functionalities for the North American market. Hope you’ve heard about RDC (Remote Deposit Capture).

While working towards achieving our main goal of providing real acceleration value to project teams and, as a result, to our customers and their end users - I expanded my knowledge about the financial sector and banking technology. At Backbase we are able to make a real impact as one team and one company by working with smart people from diverse teams, by pushing our boundaries and accepting the challenge - exactly what I was looking for!


It's all about the people

We often and proudly say we employ 600+ people with 45+ nationalities, and rightfully so, because it’s one of the main things that keeps me and my colleagues going is how diverse we are. In one single team, we have so many cultures, points of view, stories to share, lessons to learn through different circumstances and how all this make us better not only from a professional perspective.

Besides working to create awesome mobile banking features, it’s quite common to see us having lunch altogether - we’ll have the bigger table available 😉 -going for a short walk around the office, having movie nights, playing football every week as well as running and doing other activities.



The entire open attitude is not only in a short range of people working in the same teams or domains, we often have a nice chat while drinking a beer with everyone - including our CEO - on a Friday after work or playing games in the office.


What Now?

I’ve embraced the role of Mobile System Owner as we continue to grow our mobile teams and I’m extremely happy to contribute to the mobile first initiative we have, with the challenges ahead of us and proud of what we’ve achieved together in such a short time. It has been only 11 months but an exceptional experience alongside smart, creative and dedicated people, and definitely only Chapter #1 of many to come.