(Senior) Backend Developer / Junior Solution Architect- Product Implementation (Product Implementation) Singapore

The job in short

Are you an experienced Backend Engineer that is intrigued by non-functional requirements? Then this is a challenge for you!

Meet the job

The ideal candidate needs to have a holistic overview of solutions and understand the why’s and the how’s, should be able to propose different approaches and have a minimum experience of UML and Architectural Diagrams drawing.
It is important that you are able to code but also that you have good communication skills in order to bring value to business stakeholders through workshops, whiteboards, slides, etc.

How about you?

You have a strong interest in new Architectural Paradigms like Microservices, DDD, CQRS, Cloud environments, High Availability scenarios, Auto Scaling, Jenkins Pipelines, Building, Testing and Releasing. Besides that, monitoring and tracking performance problems must be in your blood. Knowledge of loosely coupled technologies and frontend frameworks should not scare you.
The ideal candidate needs to be very hands-on in our technology stack:
● Java 8
● Spring MVC
● Spring Boot
● Spring Security
● Spring Cloud
● Docker
● Kubernetes
● Messaging Queues
● Apache Camel

If you are ready for a challenge come and show us what you know. Backbase APAC needs you!

Why Backbase?

Backbase is leading the way in the Digital Banking space and we are widely known for our innovative power and visionary view of how all of us (including you) handle our daily financial lives. Exploring is in our nature and we love technology. No matter how big the challenges are: we make it work.

We come from all over the globe (45+ nationalities) and we currently employ the brightest people in the field. We are organized to support you. You will work with some of the best people in the business. We are work and play. At Backbase, you can come as you are and say it like it is.

Join us for a journey instead of a job!

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