We are Backbase

We are a leading, young-spirited and fast-growing fintech company with serious growth ambitions. It’s our aim to accelerate the transformation of digital banking and challenge the status quo.

About Backbase

At Backbase we place a high value on entrepreneurship  and embrace constant change. It’s in our nature to explore, and together we are shaping the future of digital banking.

Our founder, Jouk, started Backbase in 2003, together with a partner. They had a shared  vision to ‘make the internet more beautiful’, having already made their mark on application development and UX design. To this day, these two elements are an important part of the Backbase DNA. We believe that superior digital experiences are essential to stay relevant, and our software enables financials to rapidly grow their digital business.

Today we are a global company (800+ people, 60+ nationalities) working from multiple locations worldwide. Simplicity, flexibility and choice are still cornerstones of the work we do to build great products. The Backbase product gives financials speed and flexibility to create and manage seamless customer experiences across any device, and deliver measurable business results. We've built a company of people from all walks of life who believe technology should be used to deliver great experiences.

Learn more about our offices in Amsterdam, Cardiff, London, Bogota and the US.

Our people

We are a passionate, smart bunch. We work really hard to help our clients innovate, and love creating things that have a real impact. Backbase people are much more than their job titles. Just like a family, webring every part of ourselves to work each day, including the rough edges. We embrace the unknown, because we go where no-one has gone before. As we are in scaleup mode, it’s not about simply ‘doing our jobs’ - we make it work.

We’ve always got room for new, creative talent to push us further. What will you bring to make us stronger?

Our organization

The core idea of Backbase is empowering companies to innovate through technology. Backbase embraces agile and we have adopted a variation of the Spotify model. We work in multi-disciplinary teams,with each team being part of a tribe. The tribe structure works for us as it reflects how we want to collaborate and innovate. Our workplaces also reflect this, as do our office’s focus areas, collaboration spaces and, of course, relaxation areas.

The image below provides a visualization of our (product) organization.


A tribe is a collection of squads that work in related areas. There is one Backbase product, and all squads work to improve that single product. Improvement starts by talking to each other, by collaborating, and  finding a common truth.

A chapter is a small family of people with similar skills, who work in the same general competency area, and within the same tribe. Chapters focus on things like craftsmanship, personal development, alignment in ways of working, and motivation.

Finally, a guild is a group of people that represent a specific discipline (for example QA or Front End) for the entire department. They meet regularly to discuss and share standards, guidelines and updates.

Meet our Amsterdam office

Our story began back in 2003 in Amsterdam, the city where our headquarters remained. We have a global office network with multiple offices in the US, UK, Singapore, Colombia, Canada…

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Meet our Cardiff office

Our Cardiff Office officially opened in February 2017, but we started with a small team, (working from a pub!) in September 2016. In the UK, Backbase operates from two main…

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Meet our US office

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Meet our London office

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Our Tech Stack

Perks of working at Backbase

Our People Learning & Development Success & Celebration Healthy food & fitness Office life & Swag

We love working with smart, amazing people from all over the world. At Backbase we really strive to be open & inclusive. Together, with more than 60 different nationalities in our offices globally,  we make it happen! Backbase is not just about professional relationships, it is a place where you find genuine, true friendships. Come as you are and blend in.

Being part of such a diverse community truly gives you an opportunity to learn and grow both professionally and personally. We believe that at Backbase you need to be brave enough to go out of your comfort zone to explore new areas, learn from it and drive it home. The key factor is to get new insights and continue our growth path – both yours and Backbase’s.

We take pride in our achievements and we like to celebrate them. We organise a variety of parties,celebrations, team outings, games nights and office drinks in all our global hubs.

We care about you and support an active lifestyle. Free healthy lunches and fruits are provided daily.  Want to let that stress out? You can unwind and have fun with one of our employee-initiated sports teams.

You get an enjoyable workplace, complete with focus areas collaborative spaces – nerf guns included. We’ll get you proper swag, the latest and greatest technologies to play with and awesome people to work with.

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