Sales & Marketing

We introduce Backbase to the world

It is our goal to explain to our users and customers why we are proud of the product while attracting new clients. We do both: promote Backbase and at the same time ensure that our customers get as much value as possible from our solution.


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Our Team

Our Sales and Marketing departments work independently but towards the same goal of explaining to our clients and end users why are we proud of our product.

Our sales team consists of brilliant business development specialists and tech experts from different regions, such as EMEA, MENA, Latin America, North America and APAC. The business development people are the first point of contact for any new prospective customers. They conduct product demos, clarify the potential customers’ needs and are involved in all the business aspects of negotiations. The banking industry is currently experiencing a lot of turbulence. It is our sales professionals task to explain to our clients - the banks - how to undergo a digital transformation with the smallest risks involved.

Our marketing team are the brand custodians who ensure that all the visual and written external communications are consistent and on-point. Our marketers are avid researchers who analyse our prospective customers’ problems and find the right voice to communicate possible solutions across all traditional and digital channels.

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